Building a User Friendly Blog

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Blogging is rising in popularity as more people begin to utilize the power of media to relay ideas, launch businesses and to create a brand. While starting a blog is as easy as setting it up, you will need to make sure it is user-friendly if you want people to return. Here, are several ways to make sure your blog provides a comfortable experience for each of your visitors so that they can access the information for which they are looking.

One of the most basic premises of user-friendly blog techniques is to make sure it is easy to read.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. Create articles that are scannable and relate directly to your blog. Short headings along with a brief summary leading into your article can help your visitors determine which ones they want to read. Your blog layout is also important. Use drop down menus, easily found buttons and sidebars that will entice your visitors to click their way through your blog while making it easy for them to navigate through the pages. If you will be including ads,, make sure that they are prominent yet not in the way. Many users will become agitated if they feel they are bombarded by too many.

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